About us


Ltd. Marno J was founded in 2001. Primary activities of the company include development of real estate projects and management of its real estate. The company has successfully implemented multiple real estate projects throughout these years and experienced rapid growth.

Some of the most significant projects include the following:
-    Shopping centre Pilsētas Pasāža in Jelgava, 4 Driksas street;
-    Shopping centre ZOOM in Riga, 400 Latgales street;
-    Shopping centre Sēlija in Jekabpils, 7 Vienības street;
-    Hotel Opera Hotel & SPA in Riga, 33 Raiņa boulevard.

Ltd. Marno J has established several daughter companies. One of the best-known names is Ltd Hotel Bellevue which manages a four-star hotel Opera Hotel & SPA in Riga, 33 Raiņa boulevard.

The core values of the company are partnerships built on mutual trust, team of professional and experienced employees ready to face new challenges and adapt to constantly-evolving market conditions, and clients whose expectations have been met during these years.

Ltd. Marno J clients and cooperation partners include:

-    RIMI Latvia
-    Baltstor 
-    Drogas
   Dormeo Home
-    Klondaika 
-    Čili Pica 
-    PEPCO
-    Dino ZOO
-    RD Electronics
-    Sportland
-    Jāņa Rozes Grāmatnīca
-    Douglas Latvia